The Last Church
All things are possible. Never say something does not exist just because you have never seen it. We are all made in the image of God, and that is Spirit. What the body looks like can be many forms. As Christ says, in my fathers house are many mansions!
All animals are created in the image of the Spirit mistakenly called God. Even the Earth itself is, in the image of that Spirit, and gives birth to all life! No building or group of people can be a Church! The teachings of Christ say You Are The Last Church.
The True teachings of the Spirit of Jesus are against organized religions and preachers who say they are the messengers of the spirit called Jesus. Jesus says not to take instructions from another person in matters of the spirit. His followers ask, how are we to spread the message. Jesus said, Do so from one heart to another. Not by words you speak but by the way you live your life. Teaching only two things, unconditional love and compassion. Page 2